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The Onomy Tilty Table is a table with an image that moves when the table is tilted. This enables the viewer to look at a very large document or picture in a small space. The Tilty Table has been used to view large drawings, as a game device, and as a display for large tables of associative data.

The basic model Tilty Table was first developed for use in a traveling museum show, where it was used by thousands of enthusiastic school-age children and adults. Museum visitors quickly discovered the wonderful sensation of flying you get when you lay on the table with the image sweeping across you, so the tables were designed to take a lot of punishment and still perform.

Some sample videos:

The Tilty Table in use at Stanford University, at the TED Conference, and at the
San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation.

Tilty Tables can be an engaging dynamic display for shopping center or airport maps. They can also be used for photo browsing and analysis, and for viewing of detailed images such as multi-dimensional flow diagrams and tree charts. Onomy Labs is currently developing Tilty Tables that will sense rotation, twist, and touch and adding automatic position detection for orientation. These sensor capabilities and the addition of 3D will give new and unique capabilities for your dynamic interactive image displays.

The Twisty Table in artist's rendition and prototype, and the actual Twisty Table
being installed in front of a giant satellite photo at the
Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.

The latest innovation in Tilty Tables is the "Twisty Table" which instruments twist on the table. For the new TerraLink Gallery at the Maryland Science Center, Onomy Labs created the first Twisty Table to allow visitors to explore very large high resolution satellite images in detail. Like our classic Tilty Table, tilting the table top allows the visitor to scroll around an image. The new twist feature enables the visitor to zoom in to see much more detail, or to zoom out and get a sense of the whole.

The very high resolution of the Twisty Table data presents enough details for visitors to find their house, school, or office. When the visitor zooms all the way out, the program displays a selection of different images, for the visitor to explore.

Onomy also developed software that enables the staff of the Terralink Gallery at the Maryland Science Center to update of the projected satellite images making the Twisty Table an evergreen tool that visitors will want to return to again and again.

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