Onomy Labs is featured in Popular Science in July, see the Predicta mod here.
Onomy Labs develops The GeoConnecTable. See the video demonstration.
Onomy Labs on "TV"... Geek Entertainment and TechCloseup


Design for Culture

Onomy Labs designs and creates evocative interactive systems that enable audiences to experience the future. We work with the most advanced technologies, as they emerge fresh from the lab bench.

Onomy Labs creates signature exhibits, the ones that people remember and tell their friends about. Our works can provide an interactive centerpiece for your lobby, gallery, university, or research project. They get you the attention of the press and they give you a platform to help you tell your story.

How do we do this? We fuse the four major creative disciplines of art, science, design, and engineering to create robust and easy-to-use interactives that engage, educate and entertain.

Culture influences the success of a new technology. Our design methodology includes techniques for modifying the cultural context of the new devices we develop.

Our interactive systems are found around the world in research labs, corporate briefing centers, theme parks and museums.

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