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Experiments in the Future of Reading (XFR) at the Louisville Science Center

Experiments in the Future
of Reading (XFR) originally installed at the Tech Museum, San Jose, CA

Experiments in the Future of Reading Show Is Now Available

After exhibiting in selected cities across the US, Experiments in the Future of Reading, or XFR, is now available to museums, educational institutions, or corporations for purchase.

XFR is a signature gallery exhibit. It has been critically acclaimed by the press wherever it has gone and has won prestigious design awards. Conceived and developed at the legendary Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, XFR was a historic confluence of science, art, design, and engineering. XFR uses unique and delightful interactive devices to engage the visitor in an exploration of man's oldest and most important communication technology, reading, and speculates on how new digital technology might change how we read in the near future.

XFR consists of 9 different interactive exhibits, for a total of 14 separate devices. Each device is made from aluminum extrusion and can withstand millions of visitor uses per year. The computers and software running each device are extremely reliable and have been tested extensively. There are no mice or keyboards visible in the entire exhibit.

For more information and a free DVD or VHS tape of the show, please contact Onomy Labs at info@onomy.com or telephone at 1-650-330-0400.

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